Ashi Agrawal

Ashi is a member of Stanford University's Class of 2019 (B.S. in Computer Science) and spent time at the University of Oxford focused on privacy and cybersecurity. She has advised social entrepreneurs in her time with Aunt Flow and the Westly Foundation. Most recently, Ashi was a Kleiner Perkins Fellow tackling healthcare reform at Nuna Health.


Cheenar Banerjee

Cheenar graduated from Stanford (B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science) where she was a section leader and course assistant for various computer science classes, and a member of the Women in Computer Science core leadership team. She has worked as a software engineering intern at Facebook, Google, and Verily Life Sciences. Cheenar is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech world.


Vojta Drmota

Vojta is a student at Harvard University studying Social Studies and Computer Science. He has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2014 building applications, designing protocols, and leading educational seminars. Vojta is primarily interested in bridging the divide between the complexity of blockchain applications and their mainstream adoption.


Khoi Le

Khoi is studying Immersive Design and Engineering Applications as a junior at Stanford University tackling the question “why is technology flat?” He has built virtual and augmented reality research, enterprise software, and entertainment experiences over the past three years. He loves singing, dancing, and playing video games.


Jay Harshadbhai Patel

Jay has a Stanford Computer Science Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction, and works at Synapse Technology Corporation building computer vision systems for threat detection at airports and schools. Previously, he worked on Google Knowledge Graph and helped build Kite, an AI-powered programming assistant. Jay did research in crowdsourcing systems and deep learning for satellite imagery at Stanford. He is interested in making AI more understandable to ensure fair and ethical use.


Ashley Taylor

Ashley graduated Stanford Class of 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in computer science. She is pursuing a Master's Degree in Management Science & Engineering while exploring her passion for teaching by acting as the primary instructor for several introductory computer science courses.