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It is apparent that new credentials are required for informed citizenship and economic participation in a society transformed by the Internet and technology. These ubiquitous forces have revolutionized how we conduct business, communicate with each other, organize our lives, order our food, plan our weddings, file our taxes, purchase our wardrobes, and much more. Technology is no longer important only to tech companies; it is shaping and disrupting every industry. No longer do just technologists require tech knowledge. It is becoming more and more evident that computers, the Internet, and coding need be incorporated into mandatory instruction at schools alongside reading and math.

Most businesses, organizations, policy makers, and economists understand that innovation is closely linked to technology. Innovation is highly dependent on investment, well-funded research, and an educated population. The US government has launched several initiatives in partnership with US companies to jumpstart science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs in recognition of the fact that no country can maintain prominence in the world unless it leads in STEM.

How to Speak Tech is one effort in a larger movement to promote tech education and innovation. Please show your support for the cause!

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