About the Book

This revised second edition of How to Speak Tech consists of two parts: the first spells out the essential terms and technologies of Internet startups for people without a technical background; the second part provides an introductory primer to some of the latest tech trends, including blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Non-technical business readers will find their digital literacy painlessly improved with each ten-minute chapter of this illustrative story of one successful technology startup building its Internet-based business from scratch.

The working premise of this book is that neither the Internet nor the top tech trends are not beyond the basic understanding of non-technical business readers. Vinay Trivedi peels back the mystery, explains it all in simplest terms, and gives you the knowledge you need to listen intelligently and speak confidently when the subject turns to technology. Contributors to How to Speak Tech include Ashi Agrawal, Cheenar Banerjee, Vojta Drmota, Khoi Le, Jay Patel, and Ashley Taylor.

What You'll Learn

• Understand the basics of new and established technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR & VR, IoT, software development, programming languages, databases, and more

• Listen intelligently and speak confidently when technologies are brought up in your business

• Be confident in your grasp of terms and technologies when setting up your own organization’s application

Who This Book Is For

  • Students who want to understand different technologies relevant to their future careers at startups and established organizations

  • Business and other non-technical professionals who encounter and require an understanding of key technical terms and trends to succeed at their roles

  • People in the general-interest mainstream who are looking for a short, accessible, and comprehensive treatment of technology in business to inform their personal experience as consumers and as passive and active generators of Internet content and value.